About IHE

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We have found the path that linking diversified human wisdom systems with a scientific context and make it as a protocol language. The premise is that you have to transcend the restricted definition of science in using scientific logics. The wide recognition of scientific wording and logics would make such interpretation very effective to link diversified wisdom systems. Tao is transcending time and space: every dharma is a path to Tao, every method has a taste of Tao. The only thing that block the manifestation of Tao is human’s recognition boundary. All obsessions are obstacles. 

Our vision

The harmonious coexistence of civilizations and culture is the future of humanity development.  Fine traditions in traditional Chinese culture have profound connotations to promote culture symphony and harmoniousness. 


To inter-connect human diversified wisdom systems in scientific context and realize the harmonious coexistence of humanity and nature, and multiculturalism.

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