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Excellent Traditional Chinese Culture and High-dimensional Wisdom online forum









AEDT: 10: 00 am to 3: 00 pm on December 12,13
Beijing Time: 7: 00 am to 12: 00 pm on on December 12,13
EST: 6: 00 pm to 11: 00 pm on on December 11,12
Pacific Time: 3: 00 pm to 8: 00 pm on December 11,12
Forum language: Chinese
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Excellent Traditional Chinese Culture and High-dimensional Wisdom forum


At the beginning of November 2019, held in Melbourne, Australia, the first forum of “Excellent Traditional Chinese Culture and High-dimensional Wisdom forum” not only enabled the audience to touch the energy of Chinese culture and appreciate the classics and inheritance of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, but also enabled more people to connect with their inner high-dimensional wisdom. 


In the special era of 2020, the world economic and social orders would have been continue to shift and adjust for an uncertain period of time. Each of us has felt the law of impermanence in the Three Dharma Seals as pandemic and other common incidents occurred. 
International Holographic Ecology (IHE) will host the second “Excellent Traditional Chinese Culture and High-dimensional Wisdom” forum online. The theme of this forum is “Life and Health.”
This is a symphony of traditional Chinese wisdoms and life science, and a feast of high-dimensional wisdom resonance gathered by experts and practitioners.

Mr. Liu Feng

  • Advocate disseminator of holographic life-ecology-culture system integration;
  • Chairman of the Advisory Committee of Beijing Shifangyuan Center for the Care of the Elderly;
  • Author of the best-selling book Unlocking Your High-Dimensional Wisdom

Simon Costa

  • Simon is a businessman, humanitarian and philanthropist.
  • With 30 years executive experience, including 22 years as CEO/Director of large private, public and humanitarian organisations, he understands the complexities of business better than most.

Daoist. Xuanchong Zhu

  • The 14th generation of Taoist physicians
  • Wudang Mountain Taoist Medicine Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritor.


  • Founder of Global Zen Alliance
  • Tai Gong Zen originator, Created, practiced and taught Taigong Chan for decades.

Dr. Mei Xu

  • Dean and medical director of Yunnan Richland Hospital, founded in 2007, Doctor Mei Xu is a pioneer of Integrated medical treatment practice.
  • Invited public speaking at Harvard University, various forums in China, US, and European countries.

Mr. Zheng Yan

  • Secretary-General of China Region, UNESCO Human Genome Project
  • Vice President of Beijing Huayi Natural Medicine Research Institute
  • More than 30 years of appointment in the Ministry of Health and National Health, China

Dr. Xiaoming Cheng

Doctor, Osher Center of Integrative Medicine, Harvard Medical School (Osher Center of Integrative Medicine)

Carl Hynes Ruibo

  • Information energy experts;
  • Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
  • Famous German aerospace medicine and health engineering expert.
Conference schedule: DAY 1
AEDT: DEC 12, 2020 10: 00 am
Today’s forum subject: LIFE
The live broadcast of the forum starts at 9: 10 AM
9:50-10:00 Meditation
10: 00-10: 10 start
10:10-11:00 Mr.Liu Feng
11:00-12:00 Chief Zhu Xuanchong
12: 00-13: 00
13:00-14:00 Simon J. Costa
14:00-15:00 Special guests: Master Daxing, Liang Qinyuan, Mr.Liu Feng (Dialogue)
End of day one.
Conference schedule: DAY 2
AEDT: DEC 13, 2020 10: 00 am
Today’s Forum subject: HEALTH
The live broadcast of the forum starts at 9: 10
9: 50-10: 00 Meditation 
10: 00-10: 05 Opening 
10:05-11:00 Dr. Xiaoming Cheng
11:00-12:00 Dean Xu Mei
12:00-13:00 Mr. Ruibo (Rober)
13:00-14:00 Teacher Yan Zheng
14:00-15:00 Special Guests: Wang Xiaowei, Fang Shugong, Mr.Liu Feng (Dialogue)
15:00 Conclusion of the forum


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