Our Teacher

Mr. Liu Feng


  • Advocate and Disseminator of Multicultural System Integration
  • Chairman of Advisory Committee of Beijing Shifangyuan Elderly Hospice and Mind Care Center
  • The Author of best selling book Open Your High-Dimensional Wisdom
During the thirty-year research and speech on “General Space-time Energy”, Mr. Liu has dedicated himself into all kinds of sapience methods and spiritual groups with a totally open mind. With his basic principle of “Seeking the Common and Respect the difference”, Mr.Liu has unscrambled and interpreted various mankind wisdom systems with a scientific logic, by which people with different backgrounds are all greatly inspired.

We co-founded the “Shi-Fang-Yuan” elderly mental care charity organization, providing mental care services for 40 million of severely ill, terminal stage elderly in China. We have expanded to 87 cities with 143 organizations and over 200,000 volunteer services-time delivered. Mr. Liu Feng’s theory system has made an impact on the life satisfaction of thousands of people.

Shugong Fang

Director, Beijing Shi-Fang-Yuan Elderly Mental Care Centre; Secretary-General of the Beijing Shi-Fang-Yuan Charity Foundation; Executive Director of China Life Care Association., http://www.shifangyuan.org/

The awareness dimension, level, disposition and breadth of Mr. Liu Feng’s teaching all had a profound impact on my life. What is particularly precious to individuals and groups alike is the important direction provided by Mr. Liu Feng in his 30 years of multicultural system compilation in the realm of inner growth groups.

Songlin Liu

Founder of Bene Wellness, Initiator of Holistic Wellness International Forum with Holistic Center Networks, Reference: https://www.centersnetwork.org/2018/11/25/the-wisdom-of-emerging-ecovillages-in-china/

Mr. Liu’s teaching would lead confused humans out of the confines of their barricades with the explanation approach at the level of higher-dimension wisdom, seeking commonness whilst respecting differences, knowing, understanding, and creatively selecting the best solutions at a higher level.

Dr. Xiaoming Cheng

Doctor at Osher Center For Integrative Medicine, https://oshercenter.org/oc-practitioner/xiao-ming-cheng-l-ac/