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The Ecological Wisdom System (III)


III. The Essence of the Wisdom of the State of Life – High-level harmony between consciousness energy and material energy.

High-level harmony between consciousness energy and material energy matches one of the descriptions of communism: abundance in materials and improvement of ideological awareness. In the modern history of the west, there have also been enlightened capitalists promoting great abundance in materials and improvement of ideological awareness. Therefore, enlightened capitalists and communists have chosen the same path in this respect. Buddhists who believe in the Pure Land of Bodhisattva Maitre, and a “pure land on earth”, are also advocating this same high-level harmony between consciousness energy and material energy at this moment of time, at this moment of reality.

The essence of state of life wisdom is to achieve harmony at this moment of time. This creates a big challenge for all of us. The world we are seeing now is a reflection of whether we have harmony within our heart, within our mind. As the Buddhists have said, “all phenomenon is the creation of the mind”, and all are the projected images of our internal perception. When the internal world is in great harmony, the world we see is beautiful and in harmony. However, now, at this very moment of time, are we able to see through the descriptions and find their organizing essence? This organizing essence underlies all existence in the three-dimensional world, all of which is subject to the natural stages of “formation, existence, destruction, emptiness”. Why? Because all the movements of energies in the universe underlie all the forms, which are subject to the four stages described above. This is a description of all things in the three-dimensional world, where time is a constant element. In this world, the initial interferences were rather weak. When the interference is strong, the images would be very sharp and clear. Later the images will become more and more vague, before they disappear eventually.

In fact, all matters in our world must go through the stages of “formation, existence, destruction, emptiness”, with different presentations of destruction and emptiness.

Our natural environment, our social and international environment, are all deteriorating at an accelerating rate, with more and more natural and man-made disasters. Is there any true significance in our discussing environmental protection in this context? Yes. And it’s straightforward. The discussions are indispensable to lifting the level of freedom in consciousness in order to achieve transformation; for the evolution of the energy of all human beings; and for entering into the higher-dimensional space of consciousness. Nonetheless, we need to understand that the destruction of the three-dimensional world is definitely coming, and we need to distinguish between trying our best to grasp hold of every minute and every second of our limited lifespan, and trying to lift our existence, surpassing our limited perception–especially those of the three-dimensional world–and to eliminate our attachment to the material world, departing from commerce-oriented social behaviour, and entering into, by taking responsibility for, the vertical energy relationship. We need to put our life into the high-dimensional energy cycle, a vertical cycle in which we could truly lift ourselves into a higher-dimensional world. If we remain restricted to our three-dimensional world attachment, we will see our own demise in the stages of “formation, existence, destruction, emptiness”. Such ongoing attachment will lead to fear, and a state of living worse than death.

In this lecture, I have talked about the wisdom of the state of life, which includes the environment, our entire outer universe, as well as the internal universe within us. At the same time, it also includes our society and the reality of our world. All these are encompassed by the complete holographic universe, which provides the holographic view of the state of life. This fullest view is what would give us the fullest confidence in the future of human beings.

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