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By Mr. Liu Feng
Translator. Ai Bo

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Interpretation of Multiple Human Wisdoms Systems using Scientific Context

  • This book uses scientific context and builds an intertwined network system of all wisdoms. By using the principle of simplicity, it distils the key terms and core logical relations.

  • It is the common intellectual wealth of mankind and does not belong to any person or organization. It is a hub connecting all wisdom languages; an internal bridge that seeks commonalities and existing for the harmonious symphony of multiculturalism in the world.

  • Seeking Commonality and Respecting Differences are the basic principles for entering the secular world — by respecting the reasonableness of all existence in terms of their space and time, because the common ultimate pursuit of all lives is the fundamental significance of diversified and multifaceted lives.

  • The ultimate purpose of all description systems is the sole truth.

  • With such mentality one would be able to bury the hatchet, to turn afflictions into Bodhi, and to all sounds into a harmonious symphony.

  • I am grateful for the inner “self” for creating this opportunity, the yuan, to meet with you through the form of this book. Those who benefit the most would be those who participate. This is the common experience shared by practitioners of Xin Neng Yuan. “

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